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AA wrote:

It was one of the most memorable days of my life, being with people from so many walks of life.

I gathered at Warren Street underground station on Tottenham Court Road with a group of friends at around 10am. We marched all day and only made it to Green Park underground station on Piccadilly by 4pm, because there were so many people on the...

adamnewby wrote:

In February 2003 I was living in London. I remember September 11th 2001 because I was working at the same company I work for now, We watched events unfold on an old TV in the office while trying to keep the web site up and running...

Aljch wrote:

I travelled down by coach from Manchester to London with several friends. I will never forget the awesome silence of that day. Due in part the soberness of our mood as we feared the warmongers had already made THEIR decision, but also to the fact...

Amy Crane wrote:

I got the train down from St Neots (Cambridgeshire) with my first child who was three and a half months old at the time.  Without the use of a mobile phone (yes, really) I managed to meet up with my parents who had come down on a coach from...

Andrea wrote:

Marched for hours with the Sheffield Samba Band, carrying a big base drum amongst the huge crowd was exhilerating to say the least. We never made it to Hyde Park to hear the speeches, there were just to many people in front and behind us. More...

awbMaven wrote:

I joined the March of Saturday 15 February 2003.  I was the only one from my group of peers that I know that did.  They all believe the hyperbolic drivel the government was giving out.  Most of them came over to my side of the...

Bindar wrote:

I marched in London with my family, wife, teenager daughter and son (photos available). I was the convenor of the Southall ‘Stop the War Coalition’ group.  I wrote a 'Joint Statement' opposing the war on Iraq which was...

boatienicole wrote:

I had never been on an anti-war protest, i'd been on anti facist and criminal just act demos. February 15th's demo looked like it would be fun as well as sending a message to our Government. My Dad having lived in Palestine, before the...

cangier wrote:

I went up to the London march from my Cotswold village, plunk in the middle of David Cameron’s constituency. One friend from the village came too, and I’m sure there were other sympathisers. But not many.

The march was...

chebourne wrote:

Knowing London very well and in particular the route the march was taking, having been on previous stop the war marches, I managed to see many parts of the march on the day - I waited for the front of the march to appear in Whitehall and...

Clarice wrote:

I remember sitting in Hyde Park with people as far as the eye could see. More than that, even, in every direction.  I was shocked how the BBC under-reported the attendance.

Photos and Videos from London

Misha Carders photo
Hyde Park, London 15/2/03
Hyde Park, London 15/2/03
Amy with baby Eleanor (3 and a half months old)
Tolpuddle Martyrs 175th anniversary 25th April 2009
Rachel Mulliner
15 Feb 03 Norwich Stop the War embankment Peter Offord
Peter Offord chair NStWC and Ellen
March 15/2/03
Rainbow Banner 15/2/03
Tanya, Alan and Al 15 Feb 2003
Peace is the only way
Peace is the only way
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