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Dawn Joyce wrote:

The largest Brisbane anti-war rally was on Sunday 16 February 2003. Three of us, Helen Grant-Taylor, Ann Darvall and Dawn Joyce, took the train into the city for an 11 am start. There was standing room only on the train and at each station, more...

Gerry Oxby wrote:

For me, I knew deep down and despite all the fear,  that it was so so wrong to consider attacking Iraq.  I flew to London,  from my peaceful mediterranean heaven, where I had marched throughout my childhood against so many things...

TMS13 wrote:

I was part of the 20,000-30,000 people who marched in Seattle. It was powerful to be part of such an important day and to see so many people passionately speaking out against tyranny and aggression. I look forward to seeing the whole story of...

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Iraq War Protest at Seattle Center
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